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Cliche Narration 2

One more update and the chapter ends then I go on break to try and scrape funds to pay for the software licence needed to keep working on the comic, this amounts to $8 a month. Sometime I can’t always get that, that’s why I started my patreon.  If you enjoy please consider pledging so we can ensure the longevity of the comic.

Now for an update on the poll I linked on the last few comics :

quite a mixed bag really, the font is more or less decided but the style decision is neck and neck. Let’s see if we can break this tie guys!

And finally I want to thank all the people who have supported my comic throughout the first chapter.

Those being:

@readasaur for being an awesome friend and patreon supporter.  With his support the comic may not be here since his contribution went to cloud storage for the comic assets. Considering my whole drive got scrambled without backups on the cloud I would not be able to continue to work on this project.

Second being @foxymondays for his unconditional support, being a great friend, as well as his help with the domain name.

And you the reader for enjoying a story that just wouldn’t get out of my head so I had to do something with it.

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