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Cliche Narration 1

Because why not? There maybe like one or two more pages before chapters end, then I gotta allocate some funds to renew the licence for the software I use to make this comic from elsewhere, so it might be a bit before we continue onto chapter 2. It’s part of the pains of needing software I need to pay for to get stuff done. But you can always help by pledging the comic on Patreon.  Any amount helps, and it gives you rewards based on your pledge.

You should also take this very VERY short survey on what changes you would like to see in chapter two:

On a more positive note I have made a character page for Brighthope and you can check out at :  Its pretty cool I guess and also works on mobile.  Have fun reading it. If the text is too blocky consider using your mouse to hover over the parts you read. On phone your finger works.

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