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Update on Hiatus

My Hiatus might be longer as the makers of the software I use are going through a transition due to the discontinuation of flash, they have a html5 tool but its limited at the moment, It also requires a re formatting of the assets you use so I have to remake the character body parts. in Light of that when i do start back up things will look a little diffrent with the characters.

Going from this cartoony look 

To this

Some of it is layer limitations with the poser and facial feature system others are a style choice  change. 

I am unsure how long this transition will be but depending how they restructure their plans in the future and how long I have access to the current build, and the legacy flash build of the software it could be a year and a half before I can start on full capacity again unless I can start affording 300 a year for the business build with all the features the one I have temp access to as a flash build user gets. 

I do plan on continuing but I need to test the waters and get back on my feet with the new tools they are providing and that will take time if the work alone of remaking all my assets are to go by. 

I hope all you stay with me during this turbulent transition in workflow and software plan transition. I love you all.  

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